Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,


Old Spice: Wolfthorn
The Wild Collection: Nocturnal Creatures

I was curious about this "Wild Collection" - 'Wolfthorn' in particular, being close to My namesake, and became further pleasantly intrigued with the caption "Nocturnal Creatures", further appealing to the hunter within; a sort of olfactory evocation was noted, as it finally occurred to Me that it smells like Orange Julius! Plus the elegant predatory aesthetic combined with the evocative scent made for the possibility of experimentation, and it actually operates rather well combined with the complementary natural scent along with leather.

For Me, the Old Spice fragrance has always been reminiscent of the sea, like the scent of the sailor or even pirate {without the fish}, and recall spotting it from time to time in the medicine cabinet since small Draclinghood. A red and a white bottle - probably one an aftershave, and the other, cologne. So when I initially saw the display, it merited My scrutiny.

Choose your totem

Among these fanciful scents & themes, also available in this "Wild Collection" are Hawkridge, Foxcrest, Lionpride, and Bearglove. But no serpent...? ∞

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