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Celluloid Pedestals II {Addendum}

Celluloid Pedestals II

I think there's a sort of 'program' wherein 'celebrities' can fake their deaths in the media, whether or not the following list of performers did so or not, perhaps in order to gain a 'vacation' from the media and the 'paparazzi'. How many times have people mentioned occasions when certain names are/were brought up on the news or in conversation, that one may think, "I thought they died years ago!", or "I thought they were dead!"

It is also interesting that upon news of someone's excarnation, like buzzards the herd rush to the fore to see if they can be the first one to relate the news. Not that they actually knew the person, but are familiar with the character they portrayed, which was invented by a writer, brought to life by a director, and physically depicted by the actor; and even much rarely nowadays. Sometimes it creates Magic which is appreciated, experienced, but rarely does the actor eclipse or match the character, or historic personage, but they do frequently merge. A bit different in the case of raw stand-up comics, who more frequently expose their own foibles, whereas character comedians are much less exposed with their cultivated personality.

Whatever the appearance, they did their 'jobs' well, entertained, with the talent to see it through. Their portrayals will live on in celluloid and in the brains of those they have amused. ∞

So there have been several 'excarnations' lately:

  • Robin Williams: Did not follow his career too much at all past a few episodes of Mork & Mindy. Shazbot. However, upon the recommendation of a very credible source, I may inspect "Death To Smoochy", wherein he played a villainous children's character.
  • Lauren Bacall: Absolute class. The epitome of the Noir-era dame with the gams and at times, a femme fatale.
  • Mickey Rooney: Whenever I think of Mickey Rooney, I think of a midget comedian. However, notable performances of interest to Me were stints in Night Gallery {'Rare Objects'}, The Twilight Zone {'The Last Night of A Jockey'}, and Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.
  • James Garner: He is Maverick, and The Rockford Files' gritty investigator. Interestingly, the latter is a modernized remake of the former Western.
  • Joan Rivers: Whenever I heard of her, she was just some gossip queen, which was her schtick. Other than that, I really never paid attention to her antics. But at least there were some choice interviews and performances on her show that are memorable.

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