Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Demonic statue appears near train depot

In the wake of the Halloween season, this appears to be a customized mannequin with some extra features added. Unless this was the initial intent of the artist, a purported statue of The Devil should remain on private property, to be appreciated by those that do, and not on garish public display for the naive and prudish to be offended. Perhaps in a "playroom"/bedroom, club, or a museum, or even as a Halloween prop. Seems that perhaps this particular statue may be destined for Sheol, unless someone comes forward to "save" it.

Even so, it is not at all surprising that the icon of The Devil would be portrayed with a tremendous appendage, considering the traditional symbolism of fecundity {in body and mind}, and as folkorically derived from Pan/Dionysis, Satyr God, Lord of the Forest. Fertility and pleasure, temptation and Lust - great things in Strong life.

* UPDATE [9/11]: Petition asks City of Vancouver to re-erect naked Satan statue. An art gallery has volunteered to display the statue; so even if the artist does not come forward, it will be preserved. [pleased]

There are other demonic statues out there throughout The Black Earth. There is a giant trident wielding Devil in Corpus Christi, TX which used to belong to a carnival attraction named "Hell Hole", who was probably shoveling 'souls' into a Hell Mouth; although when the carnival went out of business, this impressive piece was eventually relegated in front of a recycling factory, with impaled beer cans on the trident {The Devil recycles? Responsibility to the responsible?}, although his previous position would be preferable.

And both may ironically have a companion in a devil girl who stands outside of "Diablo's Casino", appropriately located in $in City, Las Vegas, NV, who greatly resembles Marvel's Purgatory character.

Here is another statue in Oslo, Norway, which would moreso be an outdoor placement, like in a garden would be appropriate, especially for Dionysos/Pan:

The Devil represents different things to different people. To the 'flock', the author of all brutality and violence, the personification of "Evil", and whom they can blame their misfortunes upon. Devil worshipers do just that - worship the nemesis character under the judeo-christian paradigm. To the Satanist, he represents the opposer, the accuser, an inspirational figure towards self-deification and liberation, a figure championing a perfect balance of reason and instinct. He {as often depicted as male} is often depicted either as a bestial hybrid {asserting humanimalkind as an animal}, and/or in a hermaphroditic combination {full breasts and engorged appendage symbolizing fertility, carnality, signifying both dualities in one whole}. Psychologically, the third-side perspective {as the third stancheon in the pitchfork, or even in the trinary six configuration}. ∞

Tags: 666, art, black earth, halloween, lucifer, nefarious news, satan

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