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From Drac's Vault...


Upon recent news about Joan Rivers, I thought of this interview featuring HP Maga Peggy Nadramia conducted on Halloween of XXVI A.S., which I had recorded on My "Satan tape"*. Also spotted in the audience is Magister Nemo {proudly holding The Church of Satan book by Magistra Blanche Barton}, and Rex Diabolos Church. ∞
* Much of which is in the Church of Satan Interview Archive.

Here is an interview & performance by The Cult [c. 'Electric'] on Ian Astbury's birthday, wherein they perform 'Lil' Devil' and 'Born To Be Wild':

...An interview with Gwar {whether or not you like the music, they sure put on a show, including veritable 'Black Masses' by slaughtering societal 'sacred cows', as it were}:

...and a show about cinematic representations of Vampires and blood fetishism, plus more; all of which are preserved on VHS. ∞

Now, what is My opinion about the hostess? Well, to Me, whenever I heard of her, she was just some gossip queen, which was her schtick. Other than that, I really never paid attention to her antics. But at least there were these interviews and performances on her show.

Tags: archives, church of satan, halloween, interviews, malefick musick, satanism, vampires, videos

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