Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Mystery of the coincidental? viewing

Perhaps in a moment of subconscious precognitive serendipity, it is interesting to consider that just recently prior to the current hoopla, I had viewed this episode of The Hardy Boys Mysteries entitled "Mystery of The Hollywood Phantom", guest starring Kasem as a stand-in actor for Peter Falk as Colombo, and...?

An amusing episode where the main characters attend a detective convention taking place at a hotel next to Universal Studios*, and who also partake of the entertainment offered there, while a "who done it" mystery unfolds when decapitated photographs are discovered in various detective's rooms, prompting an investigation into what goes from a possible ruse into real crimes being committed.

I recognized him from the America's Top 40 series, which I would pass by from time to time during some late night viewing; it was just too "pop" for Me, as the majority of what I was listening to was everything from Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, to Black, Death, Thrash Metal, and Classical. ∞

* As an aside, the Knight Rider series has a corollary episode entitled "Phantom Knight" [S4/E20] which takes place at Universal Studios, guest starring Robert Englund as an unassuming office secretary.

Nancy Drew & Frank Hardy meet Kasem as Colombo on the set at Universal Studios in 'Mystery of The Hollywood Phantom'.

Tags: entertainment, knight rider, parapsychology

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