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While out and about conducting business, we decided to stop by Lucifer's Pizza for a Ringburner and a Meat Lover's pizza. Although the outside edifice still looks splendid, it seems the inner establishment has undergone a 'renovation' since last visitation, and discovered a rather disappointing development.

While the pizza is still top-notch, but the environment which was actually quite elegant has assumed a more generic quality. Gone are the nicely ornate frames featuring the dapper Hellish Host offering temptations, the wall displaying candles, the black & silver chairs and cozy window cushion replaced by rustic-looking benches, the walls have been painted white, with one even painted to resemble a framed chalkboard with elementary school-looking scribbles and doodles. Glad to see at least the wrought-iron chandelier remains. Only one wall is specifically dedicated to a semblance of the macabre with a collage of pop-art imagery.

The new pizza box coloration addition features a bit of red accenting the hellfire, whereas it was formally entirely in black & white, granting a 'black flame' effect. Even the complementary menu has gone from glossy black with white and red print to what looks like a printout.

Merchandise with the Lucifer's Pizza logo are no longer offered, with shirts only worn by the staff {these should be made available again, along with black aprons}; the wonderful sauce is no longer available to take home, and I was informed that the sauce used for "heat levels" is now Sriracha, which is already in the personal collection, used quite often already.

So gone are some of the charming, more infernal touches which formally gave the sensation of 'Lair Sweet Lair', now giving the impression of being under new, perhaps less imaginative management, with more like a quick take-out pizzaria/cafeteria, and a bit less of a 'restaurant' feel, although the confections themselves can still be well appreciated in the privacy of one's own shadowy Lair. ∞

  • Confections: 5/5
  • Environment {outside}: 5/5
  • Environment {inside}: 2/5
  • Service: 5/5

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Tags: black earth, dining, food, hell's bar & grill, hell's kitchen, review, travel

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