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Public Black Mass?

Black Mass by DBlackthorne on deviantART
"Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years." - 9th Satanic Statement, The Satanic Bible; Anton Szandor LaVey.

Regarding the performance of a public Black Mass: Le Messe Noir is an intensely personal rite, designed to purge the individual of residual blindlight influences through the uses of blasphemy and sacrilege; but it is a private practice, like therapy, to align one's course with truly Satanic issues without further distraction. The success of a Black Mass depends upon a further need to perform it. A Satanic Baptism is frequently subsequently performed to further ratify the individual towards a truly Satanic path, and as a formalized acceptance of one's carnal nature. First-phase expression is traversed, to make way for evolution.

Another function of a Black Mass utilizing blasphemy and sacrilege need not necessarily be mocking the traditional cherished christian icons either, but whatever symbolic sacred cows that have settled in a culture which are worthy of overthrowing, figuratively sacrificing for the benefit of progress and the propagation of evolution, lest the race become stagnant and stifling.

To show it off to non-Satanists seems like a pointless endeavor, treading on the outskirts of Solipsism, which is why we do not. Even as "historical inquiry", "cultural study", sociological analysis, etc., its purported value would be in the authenticity of referred arcane elements described in occult literature as part of Witch's Sabbaths {with much of the lurid tales invented by christian shills for propaganda}, not in an applicable and psychologically beneficial modernized context {see The Satanic Rituals; LaVey}.

As a performance piece, The Church of Satan's phase of Emergence has been completed; it is established, in a period when society needed a good whipping. Segments of the rite are viewable in Satanis: The Devil's Mass.

The Church of Satan celebrated the 40th Anniversary of its foundation since the inception of The Age of Fire as a private event that was eventually shared with the general public through the release of the Satanic High Mass which was filmed, and now widely viewable. This was to demonstrate the three principle rituals in The Satanic Bible of Lust, Destruction, and Compassion, which are in continual practice, and are therefore relevant. ∞

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