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Me & Mine, You & Yours

Regarding a proposed placement of a Sabbatic Baphomet statue at a statehouse, I think it would hypothetically be better placed within someone's proper ritual chamber {without the children}, or perhaps in a garden area, along with the addition of fertile breasts as is traditionally displayed, perhaps also with an engorged phallus. Somewhere where it can be truly appreciated, and not on garish public display for the profane herd rabble to gawk at, and perhaps vandalize. Even as an amusing social experiment, it seems disrespectful to the iconography.

I have a couple of Sabbatic Baphomet statues decorating the Lair and Altar, and that is where they are best placed, as decor and/or inspirational ritual totems, that their contemplation is personally affirming, empowering, and enriching.

Religious Romper Room

Ironically, the so-called "Ten Commandments" placed there by sneaky contemptorary white-light smeared, unprofessional theocratic politicians are ultimately testament to the regulation of said herd by the Atheistic American founding Devil Fathers* as behavioral persuaders, in a time of reformation, exploiting the moldy babble while some were members of the secretive Hellfire Club which conducted dark rites and enjoyed the bounties of life in elite indulgence. The cooperation of the populace had to be assured.

As generations of lesser minds took more prominence and rose to positions of influence due to egalitarianism {which is equivalent to passing the 'dull kid'}, continual attempts were made to literally concretize these belief systems through propaganda and political skullduggery, and so it was mis-assumed that The United States were founded on one particular religious tradition, while others are merely tolerated, yet this was not the written intent of the Constitution's authors. In fact, there were scores of immigrants from various continents with their own religious traditions forming settlements of their own.

Of course, we know that those attracted to spiritual delusions are essentially one in the same, and because they cannot seem to successfully self-regulate, jurisprudence is essential {cause and effect consequences to criminal offenses; no wonder prison systems are also referred to as 'detention centers'}, combined with an externalized consciousness notion delineating mores {emotional manipulation through fear of Hell & empty promises of fictional, needless "salvation"}.

Keep it in your church and home, but most importantly, keep it to yourself.

Now that their veritable "end times" approaches, at least for them and their waning influence, god-free ethics replace mores for a sense of self-discipline and determination. Of course, the spiritual type will continue to exist in one form or another by whatever name, but shall and should be reduced to a proper private subculture, their churches taxed just like any other business, where they can truly do the most 'good', that is, for the benefit of the societal system.

Additionally, perhaps as further indications of their 'apocalypse', there are charitable organizations created by Atheistic humanists who assist the needy - seems that two can play at that game, but without the spiritual compunction. If you feel like helping the needy for your own reasons, realize it is a selfish sensation because it makes you feel good to do so, not because of any scriptural mandate.

As an established religion and philosophy, Satanism does not need to 'compete' with other religions. We have our own traditions, holidays, history, preferences, symbology, foundational literature, even terminology, personal and otherwise. Information about The Church of Satan is widely available for those who wish to educate themselves on the subject, yet that remains the choice of the individual.

Though the writers and signers of the Constitution were veritable carnal Satanists in their own right, founding The United States on Luciferian principles of rebellion & independence which leads to evolutions in thought and cultural cultivation away from former stagnating constraints, I doubt they would have been for having a statue of Satan placed on governmental grounds; but instead would have probably been for the complete removal and absence of any particular religious monument in a location which is to cater to all citizenry, regardless of religious affiliation, which is irrelevant to matters of state. ∞

* Any doubts as to the founding fathers' dispositions can be easily searched for, resulting in a plethora of quotations.

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* Recommended: Magus Gilmore on Interfaith Voices.

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