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Shogun Warriors films?

Speaking of recreations, and with the impending release of the Godzilla movie, it reminds Me of The Shogun Warriors, being that a Godzilla was created with that line {as well as Rodan, whom I think was spotted in one of the promotional videos}, and would like to see a film made about them. There was an animated series once, but So far, there is a preview for Gaiking, but the CGI looks like it could still use some work*. Although Gaiking looks impressive, the human driver looks animated - so just use an actual human subject.

It indeed would be something if each Shogun Warrior received their own individual film until an eventual culmination of an alliance, perhaps even inclusive of Godzilla and Rodan, and perhaps other Kaiju.

I collected these as often as I could from coaxing a gift for xmas, to birthdays, and when I had enough money saved up from chores, allowance, and working at Earl's Toys. They were available at Toys 'R' Us, and thought they were the greatest at the time. Super Robots imported from Japan, yet with little information as to their plot backgrounds. I just thought they were awesome Demonic "mechs", and collected them for their fearsome appearance, making for many wonderful play times joining in with all the other creatures in My "Empire".

it wasn't until recently when I learned more about their particular origins from comic books to animated series' - they each have their own individual shows and worlds, arising when some dire need was presented, like the earth being attacked by alien forces. So it is no wonder that Godzilla was a part of their construction, featuring not only the fiery breath, but also with a launchable claw, and Rodan with waveable wings and crunching jaws.

I collected the primary four at first - Mazinga, Raideen, Gaiking, Daimos, then soon afterwards, Godzilla and Rodan. Then Dragun came along, looking as diabolical as ever, wielding an axe and shiroken. Eventually, subsequent robots became comical and silly-looking, and were not added to the collection. Interestingly enough, among other characteristics and evolutions, the primary four were also corollary to elementals - Mazinga {Air}, Raideen {Water}, Gaiking {Fire}, Daimos {Earth}; additional comparisons are part and parcel to the personal resonance of the reader.

  • Mazinga: Missiles for fingers on the right hand, wielding a sword with the other, an aircraft brain pod, and missile reserves positioned on the shoulders and outside legs like a military uniform, a knight-like appearance with mouth grill, and two horns, he is probably My favorite.
  • Raideen: An Egyptian-themed warrior who resembles a falcon when turned sideways in flight, he was born of the seas from a pyramid; when not in use, he turns into a golden statue, arising when the 'chosen one' operator melds into a tab on the back. His weapons feature a spike protruding from a forearm holder on one hand, while the other features a flying fist with axe blades protruding from the sides, and a single falcon-headed tipped missile fired from the center of the chest.
  • Gaiking: Originating from another galaxy, his torso is shaped into the face of a demon, which is employed both for firing missiles as well as "show face", in which the "mask" parts to reveal a mighty thermal emanation, ergo, fire. With large ascending horns and glowing red eyes, the demonic implications are obvious. The covered mouth resembled a sort of 'Satanic Ninja' to Me, as well as Mazinga's.
  • Daimos: With veritable "transformer" abilities, he shape shifts from robot to a massive land vehicle; as a robot, he contains leg missiles and a firing arm.
  • Dragun: Wielding an axe with a shiroken launcher one could strap onto his arm as well as one's own, he looks very much like what a warrior from Hell hypothetically would - in coloration and angular features.

...And all of them can fly. I initially resonated with them not only because of their demonic appearance and robotic attributes, but also the fact that they battled using the Martial Arts, which I was always drawn towards. ∞

* It occurs to Me that if the ultimate goal of CGI is to present a characterization as realistically as possible, then why not just use a well-costumed subject, instead of a cartoonish result, which only gives the impression of watching a computerized cartoon, instead of a proto-realistic adventure? Perhaps advances in this vain would yield a better result; again, a retrovolutionary perspective may provide a better application.

Shogun Warriors: Dragun, Mazinga, Raideen.

Tags: adventure, dracling, evocation, film, godzilla, infernal progeny, kaiju, monsters, robotics, technology, toys

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