DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Timeless synchronicities

I was rather gratified the other day while at a market when I spied a rack filled with various 'jokes, tricks, and novelty' items, including a hand buzzer, whoopee cushions, and fake mustaches, complete with packaging giving the impression of a resurrected era, which is building in prominence. I was reminded of Magus LaVey's discussion on such objects from Speak of The Devil, and their best [Satanic] use to humiliate deserving clods. It seems to Me that the Retrovolution initiative is picking up steam here and there, wherein all the little things add up to eventually form a discernible effect.

I first became acquainted with all these wonderful tools through ads in comic books, usually on the back; most were reprints from The Johnson-Smith Catalog, and being quite the trickster as a Dracling, I ordered a few, like the "X-Ray Specs", hand buzzer, as well as various more macabre-inclined items, like rubber spiders, snakes, and a bleeding skull candle, which eventually became veritable "decor" at certain places on into Devin Black.

As I perused the rack, I also happened to spot a nicely made black dragon figure peering down, as if 'guarding' the arsenal below. An interesting combination. Could this be indications of elements of the 'Combination Lock Principle' in effect?

The impression is multiplying, as more and more superior aesthetics are appearing, actual "antiques" are being sought, repaired, and employed, as well as recreations with technological additions. ∞

Tags: aesthetics, dracling, dracumentary, evocations, infernal progeny, retroprogression, technology, timeless orthodoxies, timelessness, toys

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