DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Walpurgisnacht XLIX A.S.

Walpurgisnacht by DBlackthorne on deviantART

Walpurgisnacht XLIX A.S.

It is gratifying to witness the sublime evilutions of The Church of Satan since inception in this Age of Fire, stronger than ever growing ever more potent with each High Holiday. What Magus LaVey put into motion continues to thrive, to evolve into perpetually intriguing transmutations, as carnal devils arise from the black flames of this Cabal, burning fierce in brain and body, passionate and mighty.

On this night did The Black Pope unleash a force into the world unlike what has ever been seen before, building into a veritable monument of flesh and bone, hell fire and stone.

Upon His stepping into the great darkness, did then a High Priest and Priestess embark upon the journey, steadying the vessel that it remain on course upon Leviathan’s waters to reach many a marvel-filled shore replete with previously unknown treasures lain hidden in the shadows, uncovered by those brave few to discover the dimensions of inner and outer nature. Explorers of the forbidden paths which enrich and empower.

So on this Walpurgis Night, when Witches and Warlocks travel forth upon the nocturnal gales to work the most diabolical Magic, the festivities of this infernal Sabbath are resplendent, and the Gates of Hell part that much wider, so may thy chosen demons and devils, brethren of the labyrinthine regions rise up to greet you in mutual rapport, while Baphomet gazes forth to bestow a myriad of pleasures. ∞

Hail The Church of Satan! HAIL SATAN.

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Haunted Noctuary
Walpurgisnacht, XLIX Anno Satanas

Tags: anton lavey, black pope, church of satan, infernal empire, magic, magus gilmore, walpurgisnacht, witches

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