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Nessie? Is that you?

Top News in Draconia today ...

Satellite photograph of Nessie via apple maps.

Lochness, Scotland: Of course, if it is factual, it would be an amazing find, and lend even more credence to evolution. It looks like a giant stingray to Me. If it is another 'hoax' with perhaps Photoshop {perhaps a publicity stunt for the forthcoming Godzilla film?}, or even a submerged capsized boat, then it will be divulged. Legends of lake monsters as well as the yeti, and other creatures of the obscure or unknown natural mysteries represent that sense of wonder and exploration nascent in the humanimal, and should be promulgated, yet tempered with reason and the scientific method. ∞

Tags: cthulhu, evolution, godzilla, monsters, nature, nefarious news, paranormal, parapsychology, supernatural, urban legends

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