Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Coffee of The Beast

Louisiana woman complains to Starbucks for receiving Satanic symbols on her coffee.

I find this rather amusing, considering I happen to do the same general thing to much of My dishes. If the meal calls for certain condiments, I tend to add a pentagram design thereon to top it off {with the Ketchup Kritter and/or Mustard Monster, of course!}; or if enjoying a hearty Dracburger, hot dog, what have you, applying the design onto the bread, or salad dressing for salad, etc., then on to Satanic Grace, of course.

I don't expect the herd to appreciate it, and the reaction is not too surprising, but Hell, even though I prefer My own coffee brew, if I received an ice coffee mocha-latte or whatever from this establishment, and this was included, I may even leave a nice tip! ∞

Tags: april fools day, dining, food, loki's laughter, nefarious news

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