Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

'White Metal' crime?

Innocent until proven guilty, of course - but this does place an additional stain on that belief system with typical likened redundant displays of hypocrisy. Note the court appearance with long hair and unkempt full beard resemblance to mytheo-illogical King Martyr, the criminal Jesus {the popular Caucasian version}. To his credit, he has stated most recently that he no longer believes in "God". This frequently happens to these types who get a taste of worldly pleasures once greater opportunities to indulge become available. Instead of participating in responsible indulgence, they reveal themselves to be "brat spermatozoa" {see Microcosmic Spermatezoa, The Devil's Scroll}. Perhaps this would be a showman's opportunity to go another route, now that the Jesus biz has run its course* - he does, after all, have to pay the rest of a three million dollar bail.

Any purported negative side-effects of steroids regarding anger would hypothetically be more immediate, in acts of impulsive aggression {which it seems he demonstrated in the gym and on stage}, not so calmly planned out as related. Not to mention long-term physical damage.

Sure glad My religion doesn't have such problems.

Personally, the subject matter, aesthetics, and particular musical expression of this band are not to My taste. I Am also pleased to state that I do not partake in such substances, but find the natural growth process much more beneficial, empowering, appealing, and sustaining. ∞

* Professional wrestlers and other entertainers have frequently gone this route as well, from good guys to bad guys, and back again - not only for the show, but sometimes even using illegal activities as publicity stunts. Even Stryper had a 'bad boy' phase, c. "Against The Law".

Tags: bodybuilding, christianity, christinsanity, crime, metal, nefarious news

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