Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

untermensch hysterics


Knoxville, TN: Here's a real nutjob exuding victim mentality using the cult angle, just like many others during The Satanic Panic. In the haze of her obvious mental illness, she views the world in a simplistic cartoon character scenario of base duality, and has fabricated such a tale to match. Plus, if mother "antichrist" was so powerful, then she would have seen the attack coming!*

There certainly are immensely powerful Satanists in a variety of strata, be it Magical, financial, political, artistic {also see The Infernal Alignment; Dracomeroth}, but this influence is utilized for personal gain and shaping the world according to one's desires, not wasted on such petty lower life forms. A true Satanist would not bother with such rabble, even with Lesser Magic. There is much larger game in the world.

Regarding the Übermensch & untermensch, "Never the twain shall meet." [Rudyard Kipling].

At least she is forthcoming with a confession, which will guarantee a lengthy incarceration, considering the nature of the crime. Unfortunately, because of this unfit mother, the child will likely be remanded to the county, or extended family, or perhaps fortunately adopted by a stable couple, maybe even grandma, who seems to be rather interesting.

If any such spells were intended to drive her insane, then they have definitely worked! ∞

Satan SleuthAve Satanas,

- Sgt. Daemon

* Only three stab wounds? You know there must be seven Daggers of Megiddo arranged in a crucifix inserted upon a Christian altar.

Tags: abnormal psychology, crime, criminology, nefarious news, psychology, satanic panic

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