Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Satan is Hot


Devil Worship graffiti on Alton Church: "Hail Satan! {He's Sexy}". Why, thank you!

Madison County, MO: Here is a more amusing one for the 'Hex Files', as it were. Besides the usual tell-tale inverted crosses and 666 markings, seems these vandals took another slant on their graffiti, adding an appreciative recognition of Satan's salacious qualities, which makes it truly unique, as far as vandalism is concerned, that is. If this is the manner they choose to see The Prince of Darkness, in the archetype's multi-dimensional facets, it would be assuredly true - The Lord of Lust and carnal pleasures, the figure with aesthetic accentuation deriving from Dionysus / Pan as well as symbolic connotations, and just about anything the imagination can conceive and perceive besides.

"Satan Is Hot" would have been a good one too.* Plus, I thought it especially amusing that the commentary is actually in parenthesis, which shows a modicum of grammatical sensibility. Considering the rather 'cursive' flow of the words, perhaps the vandal/s could be either gay, bisexual, female {who normally tend to not commit these types of crimes}, or just plain jokers {perhaps with certain unrealized proclivities}. ∞

Satan SleuthAve Satanas,

- Sgt. Daemon

* As far as the 'sinsually' devilish, a favorite artist Coop presents his devils and demonesses in earthy, worldly depictions exemplifying the delights of the flesh.

Tags: abnormal psychology, crime, criminology, loki's laughter, nefarious news, psychology, satanic panic, sex, vandalism

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