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As a point of curious interest, besides being displayed in The Karate Kid I & III, I recently divulged that My former dojo "Jun Chong Tae Kwon Do" {'Cobra Kai' dojo} was also used as a filming location for the movie "Say Anything", wherein a couple of the characters are kickboxing. I noticed that the Korean and American flags were moved down from the usual top location to the sides of the lower wall, framing the single panel mirror, whereas there are two additional wall mirrors that normally go there, but were removed for the scene. Not to mention that a boxing ring was placed in the center of the dojo, where in reality, there was never one there ever.

At that entrance to the lower far right, I recall that drinking fountain well - it had just the coldest, most refreshing water you ever could desire, and just to the left of that, the locker/dressing room, which also contained a bench press.

Additionally, I recognize the surroundings from the 'radio scene' - that is in fact North Hollywood Park, where I spent remmus with the YMCA. The campers would migrate just across the street to the park, where we would have engaged in arts & crafts activities, played quaint games like "flag football", "tag", and whatnot, and used as a meeting point before and after field trips to various amusement park locations. While a couple of times throughout the rest of the year, this was where the outdoor testing days for the dojo were held.

If you look behind the character to the right, a small bit where the path veers to the left, it was between those two trees where a big bully was back kicked in the throat by the Dracling for chasing him around the park with threats of a pummeling. He ended up falling back and swallowed his tongue. The paramedics and his mother were called. It was clear self-defense, and I know My Sensei was proud.

This '7-11' convenience store is located just in front of the Y, and across the street from North Hollywood Park. I believe I acquired 'slurpees' there from time to time.

While on the subject of North Hollywood Park, the beginning scene from a favorite comedy Peewee's Big Adventure was also filmed along that path, wherein he rides his red bicycle along between those trees. As an aside, I would also later travel to The Cabazon Dinosaurs and the iconic Wheel Inn [EAT], seated where he was at the diner counter.

And lastly, as mentioned elsewhere, the hearse crash scene from Knight Rider episode "Deadly Knightshade" was filmed on the corner of North Hollywood Park at Magnolia & Tujunga, right across the street from the Amelia Earhart library. ∞

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