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Hexagram of Satan

The Hexagram of Satan

An individual has requested use of The Hexagram of Satan for his back tattoo. A photo will be posted when it is completed.

Description: Represents “As Above, So Below,” or the materialization of the Satanist’s Will upon the black earth, as drawn from desire and ether. Macrocosm (The Satan Force) & Microcosm (The Self) combined as one. The All-One. Crowned with the Torch of Reason and Enlightenment, with the base representation of the Pentagram upon the forehead, which may symbolize “The Evil Eye” (as on ‘Dracomet’), that is, “The Third Side” perception.

Note: If you would like to use this, or any other Draconian images for your tattoo, Contact Me. Hail Satan!

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