Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Devil worshiper kills Metal vocalist

* ITEM: Singer of black metal band 'stabbed to death by fan' for tarnishing Satan.
* ITEM: 'Satanist' kills black metal singer.

Devil-worshiping literalist murders vocalist of the band he is a fan of, and from all indications in the most cowardly way. It appears as if he waited until the singer was quite inebriated before stabbing him, perhaps literally in the back. It seems the vocalist may have been utilizing shock value to present the band's showmanship, which has been a rather common practice in the Metal arena, with very few exceptions {like King Diamond, and The Electric Hellfire Club, who are actually members of The Church of Satan}.

If one appreciates the entertainment, is gratifying, killing the source of one's musical pleasure seems anti-productive, even anti-self. Essentially shooting himself in the foot. The stage persona of a performer can be separate from their personal life, and most times it is, with few exceptions, like those previously mentioned. If one only listened to or watched entertainers which shared one's philosophical views, it would result in extremely limited choices, and would furthermore be rather Christian in nature, who have formed their own versions of music, films, and literature of a decidedly inferior quality.

Consider what has been enjoyable in formative evocation, when one naturally gravitated towards certain tastes - one may have sung along or whistled or tapped one's feet to the tune, perhaps later to find out some details of their personal lives, negative or positive, but does it really matter?

It has been truthfully said that The Devil has the best tunes, likewise, show business is and has always been The Devil's realm. Perhaps some people just cannot comprehend metaphor, or archetypal inspiration, preferring simplistic fundamentalism, which breeds mental illness and justifications for needless encroachment, which are ultimately punished, either by the law of the land and/or their own vile kind.

Listen to whatever type of music or view films, and read literature which you enjoy, regardless of the source's personal life, whose views you may or may not share {so long as it is not directly antagonistic; although this too can be amusing in some instances [read: Stryper]}. which may or not be disappointing had you met them in person.

In any case, again, this murderer is NOT a Satanist, but a literalist devil-worshiper. The type remain in the Judeo-Christian paradigm, adhere to spiritual delusions just like those they claim to oppose. ∞

Satan SleuthAve Satanas,

- Sgt. Daemon

* Related: Devil Worshipper Murders Thai Black Metal Vocalist. Magus Gilmore's comments on this case.

Tags: crime, criminology, devil worship, metal, nefarious news

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