Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Not one of us

* ITEM: Satanists: Accused Craigslist killer not one of us

So this girl so named "The Craigslist Killer" has claimed that she began her "killing spree" in Alaska under the direction of a "satanic cult", beginning nation-wide serial murders numbering up to 22 victims - even if it were true that there was some sort of initial group motivation, it most definitely would not be "Satanic" in any sense, but merely a 'cult', or more than likely, a bunch of stoners who are clearly influenced by Judeo-Christian Satanic Panic horror movie fabrications. However, it seems that in this case, that may not even be the matter, but probably a complete falsehood altogether.

Satanists are concerned with justice best applied when needs be, and if someone has wronged one and/or has proven themselves to be a pest, or an obstacle, they are symbolically 'sacrificed' upon the black flames of Satan by a Curse. They are destroyed, they suffer, and more than likely perish in due time.

Unfortunately in the meantime as par jurisprudence*, the investigation will use tax-payer dollars to prove the claims are a lie while she experiences a modicum of notoriety, which was the intent all along, once again scapegoating The Devil for their ills and crimes by the type not taking responsibility for their own actions, probably as a result of being mentally imbalanced [read: weakness]. Chances are that sometime while incarcerated, the suspect will convert to Christianity, and seek leniency for her 'reformation', while ironically being considered a "victim".

Being BORN and not 'made', real Satanists do not "convert" one way or the other any more than a serpent could be otherwise. There are however, confused and sick members of the herd who seem to default towards spiritual belief systems, whether by indoctrination or habit, which always attracts the insecure, the parasitic, and the lowest elements of society.

In either case, definitely not one of us. ∞

Satan SleuthAve Satanas,

- Sgt. Daemon

* Which holds that one is innocent until proven guilty, whereas the attitude of fundamentalists who created the ritual abuse hysteria has typically been the reverse; ergo, "witch hunt mentality".

* Related: SATANIC CULT KILLER? Magus Gilmore's comments on this case.

Tags: abnormal psychology, crime, criminology, devil worship, herd mentality, lex talionis, nefarious news, psychology, satanic panic

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