Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Drac approved!


Allow Me to extoll the virtues of this confectionery philtre known as 'V8', and otherwise equivalent vegetable juice. It fills in any gaps in one's meals from this important food group, and after one has partaken, life force seems to multiply exponentially with enhanced energy and an ebullience of well being, which in turn complements both mental and physical processes. It simply balances everything out, and sharpens acuity.

Along with a customary multivitamin {usually with water after a training session}, I tend to enjoy at least one serving per day, and one can feel the difference, even with an already dynamic metabolism, promoting muscle growth for weight training as well.

Also, if you are on some sort of 'diet', a serving may even replace whatever snack that may be contrary to one's ultimate goal, along with some fruit. You can even cook with it, or add it liberally atop a dish for an extra tang. I have sampled some of the other variations, such as 'fusion' {combination of vegetables and fruits}, but the taste was a bit 'off kilter', as it were, so these groups should be kept separate. Original recommended.

It looks fantastic served in a transparent and/or artful goblet, resembling a sanguinary drink from vampire lore, taking sustenance from the earth's bounty. As a matter of fact, the letter 'V' could very well stand for 'Vampire' in this sense, with the number '8' turned sideways to appropriately present the infinity symbol. Thus, V∞. ∞

Wash the day away...

Perhaps another 'vampire secret' that can be revealed is the application of 'Noxzema', discovered through some experimentation. Even the name contains the word 'Nox', the Roman Goddess of The Night. It indeed soothes and smooths the epidermis very sufficiently, allowing for a cleansing that is both apparent and felt. Containing camphor, menthol, and eucalyptus, the cleansing, almost 'tingling' sensation can definitely be experienced, which would be the effects of the former two elements, while the latter has long been used for 'healing' purposes, and it works; eucalyptus is also good for shampoo and skin lotion. As a matter of fact, if you happen to grow it in your garden, a bit of the inner essence can be added to the bottle.

If in the lightmare for a substantial amount of time, or even just regular hygiene, the result of washing the face with Noxzema is a satisfying one, even relieving. I have often remarked it is like "washing the day away", preserving that healthy pallor we enjoy. Original recommended. ∞

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