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Less talk, more news!

I have noticed an irritating trend amongst the herd lately. News programs have incorperated a "talk" theme in their programming, instead of giving the straight news reports. Not that I necessarily care about 'current events', preferring persuing subjects which pertain to Myself, yet I thought this an imposing and unprofessional display of distraction. Hypothetically, I would not care for the personal "opinion" of the reporter on the given subject, I would just want to hear the given news, weather, traffic, what have you. I heard an old man say once "I don't pay to hear you talk!" in reference to being admonished for his seat on a plane - and in a sense, that applies here. If I choose to tune in to a news show, or listen to a news report on the radio, I do not care to hear how much the announcer likes the particular weather conditions, or hear him/her comment on some event, I just want the information I seek. If I want to hear someone's opinion, someone I care to hear, that is, then I would just tune into a talk show for that. This is one of the reasons why, besides the common news reports being far too shallow, I choose to take My selective news from more underground sources, for accuracy and thuroughness.


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