Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Deadfoot hoax

Don't mess with Sasquatch...

There were these two hoaxers on C2C recently, one of whom claimed to have been a hunter who 'shot bigfoot'. Apparently, Bigfoot got away after being [allegedly] shot in the side, probably quite wounded and absconding him/herself in a hidden alcove, so the hunter, probably not wanting others to think that his 'big kill' got away, decided to shoot one of the progeny, to then "prove I'm not crazy" - this is probably how the whole story fabricated. And otherwise the hunter could not absolve themselves in accepting that the bear he tried to kill escaped him, so decided to create the story about a "monster". To prove he actually saw some sort of unknown beast, he would have to destroy one of the juveniles with a bullet through the throat {right in the middle of the throat, he said with an air of arrogance}, who was innocently looking and calling about for his/her parent.

Now that corpse was allegedly then buried after some compunction was 'felt', since also not discovered along with the 'monster'.

Now, had is been a real Sasquatch, with naturally heightened senses, perfectly adapted and nascent to the environment for ages, the parent would have themselves and children out of the area long before these guys arrived.

By the end of the interview, it was revealed that scientific tests confirmed analyzed hair 'recovered' from the alleged site was actually grizzly. Yet the 'documentarian' was tripped up all over himself attempting to grant greater validation to questionable so-called "evidence" acquired via thermal imaging, which even if there was something there, it most probably would have been another animal. The 'other' piece of 'evidence' mentioned was that of a lie detector test taken by the hunter's pal, who supposedly passed with flying colors. But it is also known that these can be sufficiently surpassed by seemingly stable psychopaths.

Keep in mind that the 'hunter' was raised with a strict fundamentalist christian background {no doubt typically abusive regarding some of these conscious-stricken, guilt-ridden issues and ability to sustain a lie which hurts the undeserving}, and the 'documentarian' seems a slimy unscrupulous opportunist.

My instinct regarding these galoots, ANATHEMA.

Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food.
- 10th Satanic Rule of The Earth.

Whether or not one believes in the possibility of the existence of the yeti, the story still proves to be quite disturbing, as the host asserted, "look what you did to this family unit!" Maybe if the tale was presented as fiction, though bad as it is, it is a far less worse cry than presenting it as factual! It really does seem to cast a shadowy reflection into their own rotten natures, and they both come out looking like fools in the end, with a good mean big foot firmly planted therein! ∞

Tags: c2c, coast to coast, cryptozoology, paranormal, supernatural

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