Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Paul Crouch

Not normally concerning Myself with herd religions, there is sort of a dubious evocation of the scandal-ridden TBN's founder Paul Crouch. Quite the white wolf, to be sure, who despite the apparent adherence to Judeo-Christian doctrine, seemed to somehow justify a holy trinity of greed, outrageous pretentiousness and tacky opulence all in one. Though rather typically like others of his kin, as Bob Larson comes to mind, instead of living a humble or even just an adequate existence, prefer an extravagant lifestyle instead.

I first became acquainted with this money-raking organization probably while searching for some late night entertainment at the time on UHF {could most probably have been a horror movie, or Wally George}, while there was some discussion about the Satanic Panic. Running 24/7, KTBN Channel 40 [LA] is owned and operated by TBN, and ran the whole gamut of the hysteria. Based in Santa Ana, CA, broadcasting out of an aesthetically hideous studio, I especially recall in one of these 'Praise-A-Thons', that his wife Jan, the 'poodle lady'*, as it were, was actually giving dolls to girls and trucks to boys in some impoverished country instead of what they really needed - FOOD. Imposing their own revealing pettiness on those who do not share the same 'values'. Then some of its most lucrative shows began to drop as their star pastors began to break off either due to financial differences, some to found their own networks {Pat Robertson [CBN], Jim Baker [PTL]}, or personal incrimination became revealed {Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Baker}.

Jesus freak celebrities, playing the old Jesus racket of course, who while admonishing old ladies, the sickly, and the grief stricken to to look up to Jesus, have their trembling bibles thrust up into the air while the other hand is dipping into their parishioner's pockets, while keeping all the profits, being a tax-free business. It is predation, after all, but morally-based justification {religious}, and definitely ethically bankrupt. It is a symbiotically parastic relationship the spiritual types have between they and their clerics. It takes a special kind of sociopath for that. Personally, it just wouldn't sit 'right' with Me. ∞

* In earlier productions, she looked considerably more matronly, almost like 'Daisy May Moses', AKA, 'Granny' from 'The Beverly Hillbillies', instead of the clown-visaged, mutant purple flaxen-sheened monstrosity her own pride, along with her own unfortunate bad taste, created for herself. Interesting that despite all the riches acquired, including 'his & her mansions', they all ended up looking quite cheap.

* Related: Fakers meet their maker.

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