DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Krampus Unleashed

Krampus Unleashed by ~DBlackthorne on deviantART

Description: Working in tandem, Samhain unleashes the Krampus as the seasons slowly shift from Fall {Belial} to Winter {Lucifer}, on Krampusnacht. Joining the fray, Krampus emerges from a snow-covered path as the forest begins to be covered in powder while icicles begin forming on skeletal trees. He holds a switchel of brambles and black thorns in one hand and carries a big black bag in the other - while concluding certain duties elsewhere, for Krampus also brings forth tricks and treats depending upon disposition, this relation concludes that as a veritable 'Satan Claws', sinister gifts created in 'Halloweenland' are dispensed to those of a diabolical persuasion, and opened for Yule celebrations.

Tags: art, halloween, krampus, krampusnacht, mytheology, shadow gallery, winter, xmas

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