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Hell Night
XVI A.S. Directed by Tom DeSimone. Written by Randy Feldman. Actors: Linda Blair {Marti Gaines}, Vincent Van Patten {Seth}, Peter Barton {Jeff Reed}, Kevin Brophy {Peter Bennett}, Jenny Neumann {May West}. Genre: Horror/Thriller.

Set amidst a wild party, four pledges are subjected to spending the night in Garth Manor* in order to join their respective fraternities and sororities. A lusciously nubile Linda Blair portrays 'Marti Gaines' {a "'satanic' mechanic", as it were...}, and her would-be companion Peter join another couple in braving the entire evening in a house where a familial slaughter occurred upon this twelfth anniversary - it is said that there is one surviving member still lurking somewhere on the bowels of the mansion. While Marti remains rather demure in her Victorian gown, the other two are real "party animals" so to speak, with he a surfer and she a 'party girl' {she even comes with her own hidden flask of Jack Daniels, and music}, even though admonished to not have any intoxicants for their stay, but they make the best of it anyway.

Following is the story told while passing through the gate and slowly walking towards the house.

The Garth Family Massacre
{as told by 'Jeff Reed', Alpha Sigma Rho Fraternity President}:

"In 1850, Mr. Garth built this mansion with the gold pouring out of his mine. Since then, four generations of Garths have lived here, 'til twelve years ago. The last people to live in the house were Raymond and Lilian Garth, and their four children. Now Lilian Garth was a hopeless simpleton. About the only thing she was good for is child-bearing, and she didn't turn out to be too hot at that. The first child she bore 'Raymond' was a boy, a mongoloid boy they called 'Morris'. Now Morris brought great sorrow to The Garths, and they immediately set out to have another child, and they were soon cursed with a baby girl Suzanne. She was so hideously deformed, that it was impossible to tell by looking at her if she was male, or female. And to her father's immense disgust, she used to drag herself around the house with the help of her one... good... leg.

The Garths were very fanatical about their privacy. They didn't want to have to be dependent on anyone else, so they isolated themselves up here - that is why they never put in any modern utilities - there's no gas, no electricity, and no phone. So again they tried to have a child, and within the year the Garths added Margaret. But after awhile it soon became apparent that Margaret could neither hear, nor speak, nor see. But good 'ol Ray was determined, and decided to have one last go at it - so Lilian got pregnant again, and carried the child for 10 1/2 months, until finally she delivered a little 'dork' named Andrew. Andrew never spoke a word in his first fourteen years. He just made these grunts and groans, like the sounds of wild animals.

Now Raymond Garth remained isolated in this house for fourteen years with this freak show until he couldn't stand it anymore. Twelve years ago he assembled the entire family in the parlor. Then he took his dear wife Lily, and he strangled her to death. Then he took the mongoloid son Morris, and he bashed out whatever little brains he had with the fireplace poker. Then he took the deformed little Suzanne, and impaled her with the same poker. Then he took the deaf, dumb, and blind little Margaret, and he slit her throat. And then Raymond Garth got a rope, and hung himself to death**, leaving the cruelest punishment of all to his fourteen-year old 'dorked-out' son Andrew, who was forced to witness the slaughter of his entire family.

Now when the Police arrived, they discovered a note written by Raymond Garth describing the whole gruesome act. But strangely, they only discovered three dead bodies, and young Andrew was nowhere to be found. Oh, they searched the house as thoroughly as they could, but still only came up with three corpses. Andrew... Andrew is still believed by some to be living somewhere within this house."

Predictably, some of the other fraternity members have rigged the place with spooky noises and horror special effects, like a hologram of the zombified ghost of Raymond Garth, and a projection through a mirror. Doubts as to whether or not the remaining Garth Family member exists are abated when despite the pranks, strange occurrences still take place, and are individually killed, including the jokers. Seems the boy has grown into quite a monster, yet he still keeps the rest of the family deep in his subterranean chamber.

Even though Seth manages to escape over the well-spiked gate, running about town until stealing a car, no one believes him, so he absconds with some firearms from the local Police station ready to face the monster and save his friends, but to no avail. ∞

* Small bit of trivia: In two points of separation, 'Garth' is also the first name of the protagonist doppelganger character in Knight Rider's two 'Goliath' episodes, while Jean Hasselhoff {David Hasselhoff's sister} who goes as an uncredited party guest in this film, plays 'Rosemary' in KR episode 'Dead of Knight'.
** Ironic that this is how this character perishes at the hands of 'Andrew', considering the mocking hanging motion and goofy choking noise.

Tags: horror, knight rider, review, thriller

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