Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Unseen

The Unseen
XIV A.S. Directed & Written by Danny Steinmann (screenplay), Stan Winston (story). Actors: Barbara Bach {Jennifer Fast}, Sydney Lassick {Ernest Keller}, Karen Lamm {Karen Fast}, Douglas Barr {Tony Ross}, Lois Young {Vicki Thompson}, Lelia Goldoni {Virginia Keller}. Genre: Psychological Thriller.

Freelance reporter Jennifer Fast and friends travel to beautiful Solvang {a Danish total environment city} to cover an annual parade, but cannot unfortunately find any room and board available, until venturing into a museum run by a kindly curator, who offers them a stay at his hospitable home, where they meet his oddly shy wife. They had no idea what they were getting themselves into. One by one, the girls begin disappearing into the fetters of the house. It seems there is another curious resident deep underneath the home, who has been helping himself to the lovely guests.

The first clue of a twisted situation is an unpleasant memory sequence experienced by Kellar in relation to his father.

On a perfectly dark and stormy night, once persuaded and locked into the basement by the deceptively harmless Keller, Jennifer finds her friends' remains, and something else lurking down there... which should be seen to be believed.

The truly disturbing elements transpire upon the discovery of exactly what the relation between Keller and his wife is, and that of the creature below. It is recommended that the reader view the film for the full impact. A deeply disturbing film. ∞

Disclosure Warning: This really is a "family affair", as it were, and the thing is the result of their union. Resembling Quasimodo, covered in filth and wallowing in garbage, deformed, grunting and gesticulating wildly, it takes a liking to Jennifer, yet the final confrontation between incestuous progenitors results in eugenicide, with the silent matriarch as the only survivor of the family. ∞

Tags: horror, review, thriller, total environment

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