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Hell Club

Invitation To Hell
XVIII A.S. Directed by Wes Craven. Starring Robert Urich, Joanna Cassidy, Susan Lucci, Soleil Moon Frye, Barrett Oliver.

Invitation To HellA scientist receives a promotion for his work on a thermal space suit that will be used for the exploration of Mars. Among its features are the identification of human and non-human beings, and laser capabilities; and relocates his family to work at a large computer corporation 'Micro-Digitech'. Upon arriving everyone seems to be talking about a health club that "anybody who is anybody" is a part of.* Turns out the health club is actually a cult operated by a demoness**, which inducts members {or their 'souls'} through a portal to Hell, while their bodies remain on earth. The symbol of the cult consists of three flames somewhat resembling a fiery 666 rising up from The Abyss.

Despite repeated admonitions, he refuses to join, considering it the height of pretension, but when he finally discovers its dark secret, he realizes that his family are no longer themselves, beginning with the attempted disposal of the beloved family dog, but with the help of his secretary and her husband who runs the local animal shelter, who despite being in perfect health, was demanded that the dog be put down. He knows what he must now do, and enter those forbidden doors into the nether regions, donned in his space suit to rescue his wife and children.***

Despite several attempts at seduction, temptation, and in the end, a final battle, he uses the space suit's various tools to rescue his family, trapped in a hellish doppelganger-like realm. ∞

* Much of the footage shot in the Steaming Springs 'club' is none other than 'Rocky's Racquet World', later renamed 'Rocky's Health Club'.
** The first major confrontational scene is a good indication, as she immolates an occupant who 'accidentally' attempted to run her over, yet she arights immediately as if by levitation.
*** You may recognize Barrett Oliver as 'Buddy' from Knight Rider 'Knight of The Phoenix', The Never Ending Story {Bastian Balthazar Bux}, and Soleil Moon Frye 'Chrissy' from 'Punky Brewster'; and Sheriff Nicholas Worth {KR - Hower in 'Knight of The Juggernaut' [S4/E1] & Ryles in 'Knight of The Chamelion' [S3/E11]}.

Tags: horror, review, spechtreum

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