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Legion of Shadows

Nox Arcana: Legion of Shadows
Halloween, XLVIII A.S. Monolith Graphics. Genre: Orchestral, Gothic, Classical.
"Beyond the world of light, there exists a hidden realm where creatures of the night revel in the beauty of darkness. Nox Arcana invites you to enter the esoteric order of the Legion of Shadows to explore the mysteries of the night as you immerse yourself in a gothic soundscape of haunting melodies, eerie sound effects and pulse-pounding, symphonic orchestrations."

Upon this blessed Hallowe'en, did Samhain bring forth a treat unto The Haunted Noctuary, Amidst the crunching leaves and scents of candied confections, incense and wax, costumed children roaming the darkened streets, with only the soft glow of jack o' lanterns' rictus upon ominous porches daring tricks for treats, the air bristling with Magic as mysteries await 'round every corner; and pleased to add these orchestrations to the night, enhancing the pervading eeriness manifold.

And so was this opus added to the celebrations this eve, to the trepidation of those without, and for the sustenance of those whose black flame ever increased the hellfire burning in mind and breast, even 'neath the gaze of Baphomet's beneficence.

It seems to Me that the only real noticeable difference from the more or less Halloween aesthetic pervading, is that Halloween night is when trick-or-treaters come to the door, and otherwise the optimum ideal time to enact necromantic rites, and otherwise celebrate Halloween's Birthday, as it were, or if so inclined, Satan's...

Track list: 1. We Are Legion 2. Hidden Realm 3. Skeletons In The Closet 4. Shivers 5. Distant Memories 6. Ancient Flame 7. Loveless 8. Dreamscape 9. Evil Genius 10. Ghost In The Mirror 11. Toccata 12. Lorelei 13. Black Phoenix 14. Spirits Of The Past 15. On Dark Wings 16. Haunted Dreams 17. Into The Night 18. Rites Of Passage 19. Arise 20. Legion Of Shadows 21. Heart Of Darkness

From the inspiring introductory narrative We Are Legion through to Heart Of Darkness, you are ushered in by a sweetly toning music box granting a mystic sensation as willow the wisp courses through fern and tree, down a pathway to an enchanted dimension filled with Magic and secrets. Ancient Flame portrays an arcane atmosphere set in a temple, such as a ziggurat, where Djinn are summoned from black fire to haunt the dreams of mortals. In Dreamscape, may the mind travel forth upon etheric wings. A violin stoccato adjoins with euphoric strings along with an ominous pipe organ and a descending chorus to articulate the Evil Genius; while the Ghost In The Mirror passes through the pane... is that Lorelei singing as a banshee, floating through the hallways? Anticipation increases as the atmosphere deepens with movement in the darkness taking form, a projection born of black flame, the Black Phoenix takes flight into the dusk to bring the night, On Dark Wings we ride, while necromantic specters pour forth as columns of amorphous fog.

Of special note, Maestro J.S. Bach's Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor is given a multi-dimensional treatment with blended uses of pipe organ, violins, and piano combinations, accompanied by spectral orchestral permutations unheard of until now, making for a most memorably remarkable, unique variation on the piece, interpolated with a deeper Gothic resonance. This particular opus is dedicated to Nox Arcana fantoms, the veritable Legion of Shadows who haunt the night eternal, arising to the blackened skies in deepest shadow.

The booklet displays such an elegance, decorated with Vargo's reflective visions, darkened beauty therein, evocative characters, as the Black Phoenix rises, signifying immortal regeneration. Ideal for Lair environment enhancement, ceremonial implementation, even romantic accentuation.

The Dark Angels sing...

Crimson Winter
As an extra treat, I was pleased to survey a copy of Crimson Winter by William Piotrowski included in the veritable Halloween basket, the soundtrack to the film by the same name. This opus carries a profoundly sympathetic element, with evocative echoes of retrospective manifestation sustaining a timeless flow, recalling visions of a haunted cathedral nestled in the darkest recesses of the mind, and vampiric violins so deftly bleeding forth the essence of melancholic thrall. With resplendent uses of ghostly choral and enchanting aria reverberation, haunting piano and foreboding violins, Crimson Winter creates an omnipresently dark dream scape of eerie refrains.

Track List: 1. Brotherhood of the Dragon 2. Falcon's Flight 3. Echoes of the Past 4. Into the Wilderness 5. Broken Prince 6. Elric 7. Grim Discovery 8. Mortal Love 9. The Wolf's Prey 10. The Lion Rises 11. Blood of the Elk 12. Gift of Love 13. Ora Pro Nobis 14. God's Forgotten Children 15. In Pursuit 16. Reflections of Sorrow 17. Betrayal 18. Broken Wings 19. Crimson Winter 20. A Great Destiny 21. Vampires Among Us

Echoes of The Past incorporates Spanish guitar indicative of the fiercely elegant Flamenco, with drumming granting a Mediterranean feel, while the potent In Pursuit harkens to Bram Stoker's Dracula {Kilar}, while other selections haunt the mind with traces of The Lost Boys, and Interview With The Vampire; The Wolf's Prey sustains a mesmerizing aria eliciting an impression of ascension, as does Ora Pro Nobis, with a projection of flight - sustaining tones of Vampiric meditation. God's Forgotten Children definitely has a demonic intonation, emitting echoing sounds from The Abyss with spiraling devils encircling; Into The Wilderness contains a rustic feel; the piercing stabbings of violins in Vampires Among Us aristocratically jab into the flickering chamber's atmosphere; and A Great Destiny splices the thrilling effervescence of an epic quest. An overall sublime opus from Mr. Piotrowski.

It is pleasing to possess the Yule orchestration along with the harvest offering, which along with Winter's Knight, Winter's Eve, and Winter's Majesty, will no doubt add to the celebrations of the impending Winter Magic as well. In combination, definitely makes for a most pleasing 'nightmare before yulemas', as it were. ∞

Tags: gothic, halloween, malefik musick, music, nox arcana, review, seasons in hell, winter, yule

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