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KR: Burial Ground


Burial Ground

In cooperation with the tribe and FLAG, an archeologist with his assistant discover a statue of the guardian of deceased warriors, but it seems that another group of Indians care nothing for their traditions, kidnapping them both, under the orders of oil baron Cyrus Oakes {Robert Pine, who will be recognized as Sgt. Joseph Getraer from CHiPs}.

While contemplating vacationing in Maui for some rest, relaxation, and of course... girls in bikinis, Michael receives that just about predictable call from Devon that yet another assignment arises. This time, off to find the archaeologist and daughter at the request of Susan of the resident tribe. Mike receives a less than cordial reception upon entering the reservation, headed by Jon Eagle, a brave who refuses to give in to Oakes' unscrupulous practices and attempted usurpation of the culture. He is in cahoots with a 'Dr. Thorne', and a couple of thug henchmen, one by the name of 'Snake', who has an altercation with Mike and Eagle. Aptly named, considering he tried to be rid of both Michael and Susan by dropping rattlesnakes on them in a cave {actually, the same one used as The Bat Cave in Griffith Park}, but both Mike's ingenuity and KITT's capabilities deliver them from certain death.

Along the way, KITT encounters a tribal elder convinced that KITT is the arrival of a wind god, who was said would return on a steed, but being the 80's, has returned as a car.

Ultimately, with the help of KITT {who utilizes the veritable 'Ninja' technique of smoke obfuscation}, Mike makes it out of a shack where Dr. Tanner & assistant Barbara were kept, and rocket out via 'SPM' {Super Pursuit Mode, or at 'maximum velocity' as 'Dr. Knightwood' would describe; 'Knight In Retreat' [S3/E20]}, to meet Oakes and his crew bent on demolishing the sacred burial ground. Eventually, Oakes meets Michael's fist {Hoffed!}, and the burial ground is preserved.*

In the end, the tribal elder bids farewell to KITT with a gesture of appreciation with a token of flora and fauna, and though she is betrothed to Eagle, Michael receives a thankful kiss from the lovely Susan. ∞

Knight Is Right!

* It would have been most amusing had Ponch & John, or at least lookalikes, showed up to arrest Oakes!

Tags: kitt, knight rider, review

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