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KR: Sky Knight


Sky Knight

While on her way to her sister's wedding, terrorists named 'The New Dawn' hijack the plane, taking Bonnie as the primary hostage after learning of her affiliation with FLAG. They are forced to land in the desert at a secret military base known as 'Big Sleep' containing a nuclear bomb. If demands for the release of 197 political prisoners are not met, the hostages are to be shot starting with Bonnie.

Upon learning of this news, Michael, Devon, and an engineer who worked on the government project mobilize to free her, but it is no easy task. Then it's off to plow through the veritable deadly obstacle course, but Zurich is already on the way out on a separate plane, with the only key that can stop and start the countdown, leaving the hostages, and even his own men doomed. With her computer programming skills, Bonnie attempts to hack the program, but to no avail, despite finally divulging the password, but there is no time left to disable the clock.The installation seems full proof by any remote means, so it is up to Michael and KITT to personally travel thereunto, despite the electrified fence, minefields and missiles.

Among the passengers is a boy named Nick with divorced parents {who looks like he could be John Denver's son} with a crush on Bonnie {Robby Rist; The Brady Bunch}. At one point, KITT ingeniously taps into Nick's remote controlled car, transmitting through Morse code important information of the situation. Also on board is a mother and son, who actually challenge the leader 'Zurich' for a brief, though amusing interchange.

Realizing that Michael and KITT are the only possibility for survival, KITT boards the plane like the Semi, where a confrontation with Zurich transpires. Now with the key, Michael & KITT parachute to 'mother earth', insert the key with only two seconds remaining.

Now saved, Bonnie and Nick, along with Michael and Devon, get to have that promised sundae, while his parents reconcile and await his arrival. ∞

Knight Is Right!

Tags: kitt, knight rider, review

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