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KR: Circus Knights


Circus Knights

Finally, Michael, Devon, and Bonnie have the opportunity to enjoy the Circus Major* that has come into town. Yet even at this seemingly innocuous entertainment, there's no rest for the Knight Rider. To the shock of the audience, a trapeze acrobat falls without a net. Seems that the Hoff-senses first detected something wrong, yet unfortunately, Devon stated that it was probably just part of the act. Turns out he was poisoned through the gripping powder. Then there's a mysterious fire on the lot, among other events, until Michael's suspicions lead him to an unscrupulous 'bankster', as it were {who eats peanuts like a squirrel}, who stands to profit from the circus' demise.

In need of a saving grace, "Turbo Man" makes a grand entrance with his flying "car-pet" that can replicate any sound, as well as perform just about any stunt; to the amusement of not only the audience and other performers, but the resident orangutang, whose vocalizations are voiced over by a chimp's chattering. Much to the chagrin of the bankster as well as the backstabbing "Bombo" the clown {he even has the word "bomb" in his name!}, it's a hit! Usually in mysteries, it's the butler, but in the circus world, look to the clown... he even strikes Devon at one point! And remember what happened to the last perpetrator who did that {The Ice Bandits}. Once in scanner's view, all stops are off!

Along with the clown, the lovely "Tiger" is in on it too, who juggles torches while on roller skates. Despite her fiery disposition, she is finally persuaded to reveal some incriminating information which helps the overall investigation, and thus, the tiger is sent to a cage.

Daredevil Turbo Man is almost blown to smithereens during the ring of Fire stunt, but the criminals responsible did not count on KITT's impenetrable shell, as usual, which only adds to the show as Michael recovers immediately with crowd fanfare. Finally, a flamethrower wielding clown car attacks Michael & KITT with a potent combination of napalm - the only thing that keep them both from combusting is the rate of speed! Despite this attempted immolation, the vehicle is decapitated, as seems to be an excellent method of disabling other vehicles, like the Juggernaut as well.

Again, finally for real this time, Michael, Devon, and Bonnie get to appreciate the inherent Magic of the circus. ∞

Knight Is Right!

* Probably Circus Vargas, which I would frequent as a Dracling. I do recall spotting a black T-Top on a couple of occasions.

Tags: kitt, knight rider, review

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