Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

NOW AVAILABLE: The Devil's Diary XXI: Halloween XLVIII A.S.

The Devil's Diary XXI: Halloween XLVIII A.S.

Warlocks and Witches, Daemons and creatures from The Pit arise!

A Cornucopia of diabolical Tricks & Treats abound in this Halloween issue, featuring Seasons In Hell, essays on the plasma sphere as representative of the black flame of Satan, On Relevance by Lamar Gabriel, Dr. Dracenstein offers alternative methods of muscular stimulation and development, a misanthropological analysis on a 'hexcavation' discovery, while 'Reign In Hell' spotlights several individuals recently gone to The Abyss.

The Noctuarium section filled with multimedia reviews from Malefic Musick, a plethora of Spechtreum horror films, Possessions, musickal literature, and retrospective preservation propositions for past orthodoxies and total environments.

The Shadow Gallery features the sinister horror artistry of Tony Karnes and Matt Stolzenberg; and Satanic Serenades features an ode to Halloween; plus a Blackthorne Productions 'Testimonials' feature! ∞

May the Jack O' Lanterns burn bright! Casting wicked shadows deep into the night!

Tags: aesthetics, art, black arts & witch crafts, black earth, blackthorne productions, devil's diary, halloween, horror, literature, magazine, malefick musick, misanthropology, misanthropy, multimedia, philosophy, poems, poetry, satan's scroll, satanic serenades, satanism, seasons in hell, shadow gallery, spechtreum, total environments

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