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Horror Express
VII A.S. Made in Spain, Britain. Genre: Horror / Science Fiction. Directed by Eugenio Martín (as Gene Martin); Written by Arnaud d'Usseau, Julian Zimet. Starring Christopher Lee {Prof. Sir Alexander Saxton}, Peter Cushing {Dr. Wells}, Alberto de Mendoza {Father Pujardov}, Silvia Tortosa {Countess Irina Petrovski}, Julio Peña {Inspector Mirov}, Ángel del Pozo {Yevtushenko} Telly Savalas {Captain Kazan}, Helga Liné {Natasha}, Alice Reinheart {Miss Jones}, José Jaspe {Conductor Konev}, George Rigaud {Count Marion Petrovski}, Víctor Israel {Maletero - the Baggage Man}, Faith Clift {American Passenger}, Juan Olaguivel {Creature}, Barta Barri {First Telegraphist}, Peter Beckman {Second Telegraphist}, Hiroshi Kitatawa {Grashinski}, Vicente Roca {Station Master}, José Canalejas {Russian Guard}, José Marco {Vorkin}, Allen Russell {Captain O'Hagan}, Fernando Villena.

All aboard the trans-Siberian express where anthropologist Professor Sir Alexander Saxton* secretly transports the frozen 'fossils' of an ancient creature resembling a sort of zombie sasquatch, stowed in a crate, but when the creature thaws and awakens, it goes about absorbing passengers' brains {memory, knowledge, and all}, demonstrated during a trepan revealing a smooth cerebrum. The attacks are a sight to behold - the monster's eyes light up red while the victim's eyes bleed and turn white**. It also has the ability to possess bodies, if needs be. A very uniquely remarkable monster to be sure.

When the crate is discovered empty, only Saxton, his colleague Dr. Wells, and the Police are aware of its existence on the train, and the search is on for the predator.

On board are the Count and Countess Petrovski, along with their cleric Father Pujardov. These are very obviously inspired by Rasputin and the Romanovs. Pujardov seems to have an inkling of the presence of 'evil' on board, confirmed when he spies the "eye of Satan" {when the discarded creature's monstrous body is examined, its optical effluvium reveals the personalities of those captured, and where it's been; rather like the imprisoned souls in The Devil's Rain} through a microscope. Folkloric and Scientific perspectives upon the same anomaly. It seems that upon sensing the beast, he quickly goes from praying to "God", to wanting to be the creature's servant. which is rewarded as he becomes a willing host.

Also on board is one Captain Kazan {Telly Savalas}, a brutal dictatorial man of iron who will not be overcome by the creature, but meets a grisly fate nonetheless.

Eventually, another surprising attribute is displayed by the creature's power, as corpses rise to aid his sinister purposes. The Science Fiction element is quite intriguing, adding yet another layer to the plot and monster.

Horror Express features the impressive talents of Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Telly Savalas, making for a thrilling ride through and through, which you may wish to take again. ∞

* Christopher Lee, who ironically very much resembles Vlad Tepes during the excavation.
** Amusingly, the bleeding eyes and mouth combination somewhat resembles King Diamond's fright mask paint, viz-a-vie early Mercyful Fate.

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