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Brain Twisters
XXV A.S. Written & Directed by Jerry Sangiuliano. Farrah Forke {Laurie Stevens},Terry Londeree {Dr. Phillip Rothman}, Joe Lombardo {Frank Turi}, Donna Bostany {Michelle}, Elle Thompson {Yvonne}, Shura McComb {Ted}, Heather Ann Barclay {Denise}, Robert T. Hughes {Wrightnour}, Bill Hilkert Jr. {Pete}, Charles Lopresto {Custodian}, Michael Warholic {Norm}, Mitch Kornfeld {Roger}, Gene Malone {Police Captain}, Jonathan Lomma {Twelve Year Old Boy}, Mark Fryer {Policeman}. Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller.

Dr. Phillip Rothman is a professor running audio and visual experiments for extra credit to improve video game graphics using volunteers from his classes, but the side effects cause homicidal and suicidal impulses in the subjects, eventually including himself. Even during the experiment, emotions are manipulated to cause ecstatic reactions as well as disturb*. As these triggers sublimate, they turn into virtual zombies when likened stimuli is experienced while going about their lives, demonstrating trance-like symptoms and sudden aggression. A detective becomes suspicious when a series of apparently senseless murders become prevalent.

The film begins with a girl hanging herself for no apparent reason. Another girl seeking to improve her grades through "extra-curricular" activities essentially becomes addicted and overdoses in the laboratory as the program initiates pleasure likened orgasmic bliss initially, which then becomes sensory overload, transforming her into a mindless killing machine; while another girl with a sweet disposition takes an axe to some classmates during a Halloween party. While being questioned by the detective, another paranoid subject commits suicide by jumping out a window. The professor decides to preserve the corpse's head for cerebral analysis, despite the efforts of the detective to retain the body in the morgue for autopsy.

The professor eventually learns this project is a secret plan by certain agencies to initiate mind control upon the populace, that he was merely a pawn, and is stifled for his discovered knowledge. The film concludes with a boy playing video games exhibiting sociopathic behavior.

Overall, it is ventured to say that this is not too far from the truth, where science fiction frequently becomes science fact. Similar films in this vain are 'They Live!' and 'Dreamscape'.

Of note, the sinister electronic music lends an extra air of eeriness. ∞

* It has since been studied that similar types of techniques do work in some cases, both for proposed therapeutic purposes, commercial advertisements, and in some instances, unintentional negative results in certain viewers.

Tags: blackthorne theater, dractober, halloween, horror, sci-fi, science, spechtreum, thriller

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