DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

There's a killer on the road...


Trip With The Teacher
X A.S. Directed & Written by Earl Barton. Starring Zalman King {Al}, Brenda Fogarty {Miss Tenny}, Cathy Worthington {Julie}, Dina Ousley {Bobbie}, Jill Voight {Tina}, Susan Russell {Pam}, Robert Gribbin {Jay}, Edward Cross {Station Attendant}, Robert Porter {Pete}, Jack Driscoll {Marvin, Bus Driver}, David Villa {Station Customer}. Genre: Action, thriller.

A bus load of girls with their teacher head out to the desert from some exploration when they meet three bikers on the road, one of whom is a psychopath {resembling Jim Morrison*} who had already killed a gas station attendant by that time. When the bus breaks down, the driver is killed, the opportunity is seized and are taken to an abandoned shack where they are held with despicable forced liberties taken, even with the teacher, even after an attempt with feminine wiles and encouraged intoxication, ends up to no avail.

One of the bikers {moreso a recreational 'motorcyclist'} is a good-natured fellow who refuses to take part, eventually becoming their hero, after having been run off the road and left for dead. When one of the girls manages to abscond, she is hunted down by "Al" and smothered in the sand. Returning to the scene, an eventual face-off finally frees the girls as he heads out for civilization for help.

Zalman King portrays a most convincing psychotic, complete with a notable hissing snicker. A gritty thriller demonstrating unrestrained violent impulses set in the desert. ∞

* Perpetually wearing sunglasses and an overcoat. As a matter of fact, a line from the song "Riders on The Storm" comes to mind - "...there's a killer on the road..."

Tags: blackthorne theater, dractober, film, halloween, horror, review, spechtreum, thriller

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