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Cum to the party!

The Vampire Happening
VI A.S. Directed by Freddie Francis. Written by Karl-Heinz Hummel, August Rieger, Starring Pia Degermark {Betty Williams / Clarimonde}, Thomas Hunter {Jens Larsen}, Yvor Murillo {Josef, as Ivor Murillo}, Ingrid van Bergen {Miss Niessen}, Joachim Kemmer {Martin}, Oskar Wegrostek {Abbott}, Lyvia Bauer {Gabrielle}, Daria Damar {Kirsten}, Kay Williams, Michael Janisch, Toni Wagner, Ferdy Mayne {Count Dracula}, Raoul Retzer, Bruno Frenzel, Rock-Band {Birth Control}, Bernd Koschmidder, Willfried Kovárnik {Transvestite}, Beba Novak {Vampire girl in white}, Reinhold Sobotta. Genre: Horror/Sinemaerotica/Comedy

An American actress inherits a Transylvanian castle, which she visits before selling, but decides to stay. She learns she is the descendant of a unique "blood" line while being introduced to the history of the castle, including the torture chamber, in which resides a portrait of her grandmother, which looks remarkably like herself. Upon learning of her sexual exploits, remarks "You go, grandma!" {replicated verbatim in 'Elvira's Haunted Hills'}.

As it so fortuitously happens, there is a monastery across the way, a veritable feeding ground, which she decides to follow in her descendant's footsteps and prey thereof, beginning with a particularly righteous monk who sees "the Dark Lord's influence" in everything from trees to statues - obvious expressions of his repressed libido, until finally freed of his lustful suffocation by the newly resident Countess; although the gothically gorgeous original hostess of the castle rises to claim her sanguinous prize, causing confusion amongst the resident crusadering butler at every turn, being veritable twins. She also sinks her fangs into the peeping-tom Abbot, who periodically enjoys the sights of the Catholic school girls with their secret boyfriends adjacent to the perish.

Finally, a party, or "happening" is scheduled, in which vampiric relations are invited from all over the region, culminating in a delightful orgiastic party wherein all invited indulge in all manner of delightful carnal delights, from libations to fumigation, to lustful repartee. Finally, Count Dracula arrives in a hell-icopter, complete with bat insignia, who gesticulates the Cornu both upon arrival, and introduction to the vampire masquerade ball {The Devil as a Gentleman}, who enjoys a special treat of the company of four pretties for his pleasure in a private chamber.

One of Countess Clairmonde's mortal lovers 'Jens' {a teacher seduced from his puritanical ways} is talked into an anti-vampire crusade by the butler, who then seek out to infiltrate the party posing as vampires themselves, but are eventually weeded out and flee near sunrise - seems 'Jens' cannot bear the notion of destroying the vampiric beauty}, where the Countess is loaded into a coffin bound for Hollywood, wherein posing as the actress, begins her predation anew.

Overall, an amusing film filled with succulent sights, nubile flesh, fetishistic delights, and diabolical smirks along the way. ∞

Tags: comedy, dractober, halloween, horror, review, seduction, sensuality, sexuality, sinemaerotica, spechtreum, vampires

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