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A toast to the Great God Luna!

Blood of Dracula’s Castle
IV A.S. Crown International Pictures. Genre: Horror. Directed by Al Adamson, Jean Hewitt; Produced by Martin B. Cohen, Samuel M. Sherman, Rex Carlton, Al Adamson; Written by Rex Carlton. Starring John Carradine {George, the butler}, Paula Raymond {Countess Townsend}, Alexander D'Arcy {Count Dracula, alias Count Charles Townsend}, Robert Dix {Johnny}. Gen {Otis Shayne}, Glen Cannon {Gene O'Shane}, Jennifer Bishop {Liz Arden, as Barbara Bishop}, Vicki Volante {Ann, motorist-victim}, Ray Young {Mango}, John 'Bud' Cardos, Ken Osborne, Joyce King {Body in Water}

Blood of Dracula's CastleA rather 'hip chick's car breaks down, so she decides to take a walk in the woods in search of help - instead, a towering deformed creature helps himself.

Upon the death of a relative, a young couple come into possession of a castle in the countryside*, where an elegant vampire couple, the Count & Countess 'Townsend'** {actually The Draculas} resembling a prototypical Gomez and Morticia combination reside. The mortal couple decide to visit and horn in on their business, despite considerate attempts to scare them off, are determined to stay and have the prevailing vampires evicted. So they are imprisoned down in the dungeon for their trouble-making, along with several others who have crossed their paths before, who are kept just alive enough to provide with sanguinous sustenance.

They arrive just shortly after family member and sadistic werewolf/serial killer Johnny does. Also present in the resident butler George {John Carradine}, loyal, thoughtful, and efficient, who quite literally serves up the 'Bloody Mary's', and one 'Mango', a sort of Igor type servant met in the beginning, who amicably takes care of the dirty work, and the retrieval of girls for necessary life's blood, as well as being an enforcer along with Johnny.

Seems that George is also the priest of a moon cult, whom all present, or so-called "people like us", adhere. The newly-arrived victim is sacrificially immolated to Luna, upon a nearby sacred hill. While all are in a festive mood, one of the prisoners scurrilously obtains Johnny's firearm, and runs rampant about the castle, dispatching the residents. And despite Mango's noble efforts, sadly tumbles in a fiery dive.

There were two remarkably strange discrepancies herein in discordance with typical folklore: First, werewolf Johnny was shot 'dead' without a silver bullet {which would hypothetically mean that he will rise again - also if he actually 'died', he would become a vampire}; and two, it seems that the Townsends did not demonstrate the inherent 'undead' strength or powers of hypnotism typically attributed to vampires - otherwise, they would have easily loosed their bonds to avoid the sunlight while keeping the intruders under control.

In conclusion, all they would have had to have done is merely sign over the real estate documentation to the Townsends, who have resided there for centuries, to avoid all their problems, yet they stubbornly persisted, then lied, and so, had to undergo persuasion. ∞
- Dr. Dracenstein.

* Of note, the film begins at Marineland, where they discover their sudden inheritance upon the tower.
** The role of Countess Townsend was originally intended for Jayne Mansfield, before her unfortunate association with Sam Brody resulted in her demise.

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