Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Plasma Sphere

The plasma ball is ideal to represent The Black Flame, and makes a perfect complement to The Altar. If you have a leveled foundation, like a three-tiered bookcase, it would be perfect to place on the bottom shelf, forming an inverted triangle pointing to The Black Earth & "Hell", in combination with the lighted candles on either side of the Tabernacle of Satan.

Plus, the very fact that the tendrils are attracted to the touch further exemplifies this premise, and makes a wonderful statement for the interrelation of Magic & Science.

It seems that I have always had one of these in successive evilutions of The Altar; I used to place it on the Altar face itself, and when the lights were extinguished, it glows ominously underneath The Baphomet sigil {which was treated with phosphorescent wax} and the luminescent trapezoidal frame acting as a dimensional doorway. A powerful psychodramatic spectacle sure to potently stimulate the neuro-bio-adrenal energies into the atmosphere. ∞

Tags: greater magic, magic, psychodrama, psychology, ritual, science

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