Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Devil's Diary 18 & 19 ebooks now available!

The Devil's Diary 18: Halloween XLVI The Devil's Diary 19: Halloween XLVII

As of this day of The Autumnal Equinox, issues 18 and 19 are also now available in ebook format. Click images to possess the electronic and/or print versions.

Halloween XLVI A.S.: This issue features interviews with Church of Satan High Priest Magus Peter H. Gilmore, Musician Warlock Zoth Ommog, an essay from Warlock Darren Deicide, seasonal greetings, fiction, along with Noctuarium multimedia reviews, & Satanic Serenades poetry from Mimi Daeva, Robert Leuthold, & various other contributors. Cover Art: River God by Magus Gilmore.

Halloween XLVII A.S. Apocalypse Issue. Features The 3rd Degree interview with Prometheus of VASCA Radio by Warlock Tier Instinct, The Devil In Gotham City, Seasons In Hell, Halloween Rite, Lycanthropic Training {a werewolf perspective}, Skeletal Orchestra {Ossuary instruments}. Satanic Serenades features poetry from Robert Leuthold & James M. Geary III, with horror anthology 'Devil's Gate'. Shadow Gallery presents "Death Vacation" by Bruce Baird. Noctuarium multimedia reviews include Dark Shadows, Mockingbird Lane, more; Satanic Panic Archive; Scroll book reviews 'No One Makes It Out Alive', 'In The World of Madness', 'Ghosts'; Malefick Musick review of 'Seduction Through Witchcraft'. The Black Earth features 'Hollyween' excursions to cemeteries Hollywood Forever, Evergreen, Forest Lawn, a visit with Elvira, a Vampira exhibit, Renaissance Pleasure Faire, haunted Mulholland Drive, Devil's Gate dam, more. Possessions feature the Coffin Rust Halloween print, LaVey sigil pin, along with restaurant reviews and more!

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