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Pact with The Devil

Based on Oscar Wilde's classic "The Picture of Dorian Gray", this film "deals" with a common stage hand named 'Lewis' {Ethan Erickson} who makes a pact with The Devil in exchange for wealth and fame, and ultimately, to fund his passion for photography, which merely became an erstwhile segueway to his self-imposed damnation. Immediately, upon dabbing a mirror with his blood one stormy night, he begins experiencing an increase in the quality of life, as all his desires and indulgences are met. A rather mysterious man with the unlikely name of "Henry" {Michael Mc Dowell}, detects potential in him, thereby granting his favor by making him a super-model, to which he takes advantage of a marvellous lifestyle of carnal delights, and all he has to do is essentially "strike a pose", while remaining youthful and handsome forever, while his hidden portrait assumes old age - but wouldn't you know it, he eventually dissappears and becomes an ingrate. At one point, he becomes essentially a "kept man" in the manse of a European couple wherein he becomes the surrogate lover of a gorgeous brunette while her husband watches on - that relationship eventually leads to a lethal extreme. The prodigal eventually returns to the source of his fortune, and not being able to handle fortune and fame, eventually commits suicide and reverts to his so-called "true form", reminiscient of Nosferatu. So The Prince of Darkness goes back to the drawing board and seeks out another hopeful who may appreciate the gift so graciosly conferred.

What I primarily enjoyed about this film is that it did not rely heavily upon the typical exaggerrated aesthetics of the mythos, but kept the storyline subtle enough to lend an air of pseudo-believability in a contemporary world.

Rating: 3/5.


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