Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Hellraiser Radionics Box

Some time ago I was given a radionics* box I nicknamed 'The Demon Box'. It features five dials at the points of a pentagonal formation, a 'sending plate', and an antenna, which is plugged in at which point a red light displays. The purpose is to place the image and/or relic of a person to be effected upon the sending plate {which contains a coiled wire underneath a glass platelet}, while the dials are intended to 'tune in' to their frequency, which is divulged by certain sonic impressions attuned to one tone. Plus, a certain type of oil is placed upon the image according to purpose at hand. I wrote an elaboration on its purported Satanic uses in The Devil's Diary V.

Anyhow, I thought it a great idea to apply the Hellraiser box design thereupon, silver on black preferably, which would enhance aesthetic stimulation during the ritualistic psychodrama. And otherwise the symbolic designations of The Four Crown Princes of Hell on the appropriate elemental directional sides. Pentagram for Satan, lightning bolt for Lucifer {and/or heptagram}, Brimstone sign for Belial {and/or hexagram}, and pitchfork for Leviathan {and/or enneagram}. ∞

* For those inclined, this is sort of a techno-occult technique utilizing electronic instruments through which to project the Will.

Tags: magic, occult, ritual, technology, technomancy

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