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The new Rain state?

"California rains as much as Seattle" is the tone I Am hearing from News Reports about these wonderful storms here. There is a tie to "the rain state" in Washington, and I Am loving it. According to reports, it has not been this rainy since Year One 1966 A.S., even with the arrival of the sublime El Niño in Year XXXIII - so as predicted, the Noir era is incrementally returning, in concert with aesthetics, as there must be a return to a higher form of conduct and accoutrement. Considering many of these "quickening" conditions, there has definitely been a shift and an intensification in the atmosphere, and that is for the better. I predict California will shift to a marine layer environment, as has been the desire for some time. And so as The Magician exerts one's will upon one's environment {calling to mind a remmus working}, so it is coming to pass. HS!

* A Weather Report: Downpours Ride In on a Jet Stream

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