Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Is "Crazy" the new stupid?

Is "Crazy" is the new stupid?

The 10th Draconian Dictum advises to "Stay Wild!" by responsible indulgence, and living to the fullest, spontaneous enjoyments with friends, mates, family, or just by oneself, though this does not lapse into self-detriment. Dare, take, go on an adventure, have fun!*

But some segments of the herd, particularly the lower classes, seem to want to consider themselves "crazy" like some sort of complement, when in fact such behavior is just plain stupidity. 'Crazy' equates to an imbalance, mental weakness, a deficiency, not any sort of desirable condition. People are placed into asylums for being legitimately insane, and were considered an embarrassment by their families to be kept a private matter, who had some honor to preserve.

Destructive organisms, whether it be themselves or others, preferably themselves, whether absorbing drugs or participating in other criminal activity, is anti-life, and is a loser's state of being.

Obnoxiousness is also touted as 'crazy' as well, until they are summarily crushed by those who justifiably retaliate, and/or the Police force who place such undesirables back behind bars, like 'detention' for idiots.

It is also particularly amusing when one of these wastrels actually demonstrate the monumental ignorance to call something or someone they do not understand "stupid", or because they have become intimidated, those that are above and beyond their meager understanding, who actually thereby exhibit the levels of their own doltishness, uttering opinions as if they have any worth.

Overall, stupid is stupid by whatever name it is called, which can be easily identified by the more evolved. ∞

* To be clear, the term "crazy" does not imply the fun context, but the criminal element's 'definition'.

Tags: herd mentality, herd stupidity, misanthropology, misanthropy, social commentary, social observation, society

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