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I was impressed to designate the triple six into these three words. The "Unholy Trinity" has been said to represent Satan, The Antichrist, and the False Prophet, yet for this purpose, let them represent:

  • 6: HATE. Would be earned just like Love would be; yet in this context, an attitude of Hatred promotes a sense of Strength.
  • 6: EVIL. All that pertains thereof has been labeled diabolic, and understandably so, especially in The Arts, where the most stimulating depictions and characterizations are created for inspiration. And as Magus LaVey observed, "Evil spelled backwards is Live"; "Evil they name us, then evil we are! And why not? Let us take advantage of it and LIVE!" {The Satanic Bible}. And let us not forget to put the EVIL in DEVIL.
  • 6. LUST. The true motivating factor in all that is done. Whether Lust for material objects, goals, or sex, and Lust enriches Love with a mate.

Plus, in this conjoined configuration, the connective letters spell "HEL", from which the Norse etymology of the infernal regions derive in part, as well as "Helel" {הֵילֵל}, the name of The Dark Angel Lucifer in Hebraic.

These are also filters to prevent inferior elements from infesting one's existence. Ironically, life is enhanced with this perspective, so long as it brings one selfish pleasure through responsible indulgence. ∞

Tags: 666, philosophy

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