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Sewer rats on a pedestal

ITEM: Unmasking Lucien Greaves, Leader of the Satanic Temple By Shane Bugbee.

This group is an embarrassment. Mesner is a gratuitously trouble-making buffoon, as is the author of that interview. Defiling a christian sanctuary only goes to ratify many of the claims made by fundies through their paranoia-mongering, bringing it down to the level of a Satanic Panic scenario, and is furthermore, tasteless. Performing that illegal so-called "pink mass" under the pretense of what the WBC imagined in their own minds about posthumous preferences grants a sort of negative legitimacy to their version of christinsanity. Bad comic book antics at which the herd point and laugh.

The name sounded vaguely familiar, and it turns out that he was at one point the host of an obnoxious show on Radio Free Satan, back when Bugbee owned it, which has evolved much since then with Tiberia at the helm.

All one has to do to see the activities of many of The Church of Satan's members is to view the News page. Upon that observation, it is immediately revealed that he is a liar with an anti-COS agenda {probably because of his expulsion}, and anyone who believes him is the worst kind of gulli-bull.

Bugbee is a proven thief, a liar, and furthermore, a slob. Whereupon he failed to distribute the 666 Eve dvd to paying customers without a refund, then failed to pay his rent, was evicted, at which point he began a couch-surfing USA campaign. Now he is relegated to the fetters of obscurity, and deservedly so.

If such a thing existed, I'm not sure the pseudos in question would even qualify to be a "low priest", as it were. Obviously, we have ONE High Priest in Magus Gilmore, one High Priestess, with a sterling Hierarchy.

But perhaps they deserve each other, and may find themselves in the vile, degraded company of "Stanton's crowd", a euphemism for criminal derelicts parasitically attempting to capitalize on Magus LaVey's legacy, which is fortunately preserved by those He left in charge of the organization, which continues to thrive, just as he intended. ∞


This issue was commented on because of a question posed by a certain source. To be completely truthful, I do not care a whit about Bugbee. That situation ran its course, wrongs were redressed and he justifiably suffered accordingly. I have not heard about him whatsoever since, nor care to.*

As far as this Mesner is concerned, that group is traipsing Satanism through the mud, incorrectly portraying the religion to the media, making a glaring fool out of himself, but it should be recognized that he and his antics have nothing to do with The Church of Satan whatsoever, and as far as I'm concerned, Satanism.

However, sometimes it is better to be pro-active when needed to curtail misrepresentations rather than allow the incorrect information and/or portrayals to be disseminated, which would amount to nothing more than passive compliance.


* Ergo, Satanic Rules of The Earth 1 & 8: "Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked", and "Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself".

Tags: christinsanity, church of satan, infernal empire, nefarious news, radio free satan

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