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It is many times amusing the types of crime notifications that come across the news feed, and this is no exception, but mentioned here for its more typical qualities:

ITEM: UCSO: Satanic phrases, Nazi symbols painted in church

This vandalism was obviously perpetrated by teens, perhaps even tweens, considering the misspelling in the graffiti, such as "Hiel Hitler" and "Chist is gay" {probably}, not to mention the "decapitated" bunny head doused in red paint to simulate blood {glad to see that at least it was not a real rabbit}. Plus, the wiccagram is always a tell-tale sign. No "Hail Satin" this time around, but it sure does harken to the Satanic Panic. Sad thing is if this was not done by adolescents. Seems very pointless, considering there is a Black Mass provided in The Satanic Rituals for such a purging, although perhaps this was committed by a clique who were either not invited, or disallowed to go on that field trip mentioned in the video. Considering the random 'phrases' and defacements such as an inverted cross and swastika, this was done for pure shock tactic revenge, perhaps not even by devil worshippers, but merely disgruntled juvenile miscreants. ∞
Satan Sleuth
- Sgt. Daemon
The real "Satan Sleuth".*

* Perhaps Police departments should start enlisting actual Satanists as advisors, instead of Christians, or "cops for christ" for an accurate analysis on "occult crimes".

Tags: crime, devil worship, nefarious news, profiles, satanic panic, vandalism

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