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Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

Year three at Hogwarts, and we encounter many more wonderful creatures from storybook fane, including a griffin named Buckbeak, a werewolf, a monsterous hound reminiscient of the Moore-Hound of The Baskervilles, vampiric Dementors, a shadowmantic creature called a boggart, which reveals the deepest fears of whomever it faces, and a shrunken head with a Jamaican accent.

As Harry traverses adolescence, he becomes rightfully more rebellious against the group of muggles he has the misfortune to "live" with - when one of them snidely mentions something about his father, he becomes enraged, transforming her into a veritable balloon, wherein she floats away as a bloated blimp - quite hilarious, really. Happily, by taking a Magical triple-storied "Knight bus", he eventually meets up with Hermoine and Ron upon returning to his own enchanted environment. The dichotomy of these living conditions would prove to be quite frustrating, I would imagine, yet Harry perserveres through their ignorance, fear, and subsequent petty aggrivations.

The storyline in this sequel is somewhat more involved than the previous, with a most magnificent twist at the end, as he and Hermoine veritably travel back in time to correct the potentially lethal circumstances to save his god-father {Sirius Black played by Gary Oldman, whom you will remember as portraying Count Dracula in the magnificent Francis Ford Copolla version} from the deadly effect of the Dementors, which I must say, are quite impressive creatures themselves, and My personal favorite herein. I see very close comparisons with a certain segment of Black Magicians I know... , the so-called "Proteus" notwithstanding.

This year, along with the fine resident instructors, there are some new members of the school staff as well as promotions: Professor Lupin {also a werewolf, ergo, the similarity to the latin "lupus" for wolf}; Professor Sybil Trelawney {a schizophrenic, crystal ball-gazing fruitcake}; Hagrid is promoted to Professor of enchanted creatures.

Malfoy remains a rotten little bastard, despite being a part of the fine House of Slytherin, and eventually is the recipient of a broken nose, compliments of little Ms. Granger.

Again, in order to condense the film into a two-hour time frame, many scenes whiz by too quickly, but still remains a wonderful compliment to this most imaginative and enchanting series conjured by veritable "word witch", the nucleic J.K. Rowling.

Rating: 4/5.

Disc two contains cast & crew interviews which enlighten much on the creative process and technology infused in conjuring this film, along with wonderfully inter-active and aesthetically-beautious games which stimulate the memory and the senses. Rating: 5/5.

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