Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Lucifer's Library

The Devil's Bookshelf
I suppose I should not be too surprised that MY bookshelf was used in the presentation entitled "Devil Worship: The Rise of Satanism" by Jeremiah Films, which I viewed again tonight for entertainment's sake. Seems that certain law enforcement officials took certain liberties on the 'advice' of certain counselors to enter My room without My permission, but given by my mother in the Satanic Panic era {in which I was unknowingly at the time quite a part}, perhaps capitalizing on her concern for My well-being. Upon viewing many of these devil shockumentaries, not only do some of My drawings appear now and then, but even Myself in High School.
That bookshelf now stands near by bed where it has always been, now containing some of My favorite religious tomes {with some of the ones displayed in the photo moved to another bookcase} now topped with the crystal skull betwixt The Shadow Demon lamp {representing infernal enlightenment} and the Magus LaVey statue.

Lucifer's Library: The Infernal Enlightenment.

Decided to catalogue most of the books in My collection via goodreads. Did so on facebook last year, and the list has grown since relocation, and recollecting these tomes from a former residence. Many are reference material, some are recommendations {which should be obvious} from a variety of subjects; in any case, having a remote source to inspect when and if needed is convenient. The list will be supplemented from time to time.

By Lucifer, who holds the infernal torch of reason, alighting the blessed darkness to absorb its knowledge. ∞

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