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Indeed, a big fish in an extremely small pond! This movie is a meditation. The exceptional, though unfortunately naive outcast, his sentiments barely burgeoning. It could be said that Powder is a precious character, which, like electricity itself, must be handled with extreme care. A pearl cast before swine into a brutish world of hicks, insensitive scientists, & over-bearing "counselors".

This is a sad story about an intelligent, gifted young man who was holed-up in the basement of his grandparents' home just because of his unique physical appearance. But this is the least of it. Besides his Festerish visage, he attains the sublime ability of lightning & electro-magnetism. He's a human magnet & lightning rod. It is really too bad that Powder never really got a chance to master his powers. Dr. Xavier could use him with the X-Men back at the Mansion. With some support from Individuals like Satanists, ideally, his powers could have been nurtured unto incredible ends.

Demonstrations of Powder's potencies are usually sporadic, except for the electro-magnetism & empathic abilities. Because of his timidity, Powder is taken advantage of by some prejudiced, moronic imbeciles, who, like the damned majority of the subhuman race, lack the compassion, insight, & open-mindedness that elevated, truly evolved persons exhibit.

The Powder character should have been stronger. He should have persevered. He should have realized the enormous potential he had, to benefit himself first, then the world, since he seems to be a more compassionate character.

Powder is a gentle, tender soul, desiring only to be appreciated & loved. Most all of his childhood was spent in that dark, dank cellar with only books as companions. Which in the end, made better friends than any of those ignorant imbeciles could.

If this movie was a real-life situation, I would not hesitate to jump to the aid of someone I knew to be so special.

Alas, Powder was finally free. Matter into energy. How many of us can relate to this character? There are plethoras of situations that resemble the outcast's, ergo, portions of our own lives. Lights flickering on & off, objects becoming charged & magnified, the rotten tray of fish staring, telepathic/empathic resonance, etc.

In all, the film angers one towards the simpletons of the mass populace. And this is the type of trash those deluded ivory-tower blindlight charlatans want persons of quality to bother with? Where no respect is shown, no respect shall be given.

Overall, Powder serves as a sort of ritual. It is Magical, in that all of the emotions come into play. One comes away feeling spent, prideful, a bit melancholy, a bit more angry, but not as to disturb the underlying feeling of serenity, as this film indeed places things into perspective in one's own life, in various personal ways.

I saw this film twice. For Me, the second time was more profound. Although every time one views this wonderful creation, it serves as a compassionate catharsis. By all means, rent it. It has a rather sad ending, but instead, see it as a breaking forth from the low-levels of the simeon herd unto the stars of glory, & unto One's Dark Godliness. ∞

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